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Joining the Association

To qualify for membership of the SAS Regimental Association you must have served in or with the Special Air Service Regiment. This means you must have been on the posted strength of the SAS Regiment or the Headquarters of the SAS/SF Group. This also includes those who have completed a full tour of duty with 18 (UKSF) Signal Regiment or previously 264 (SAS) Signal Squadron and 63 (SAS) Signal Squadron (Reserves) and the Special Reconnaissance Regiment or its predecessor.

Normally all badged members of the SAS Regiment are eligible to join on completion of the Selection Course. All attached personnel, who serve with one of the SAS Regiment’s, are eligible on completion of a full tour of duty.

Application forms are available from the SAS Regimental Association office at the address shown below:

The Occupier
PO Box 35051

It is up to the individual to provide proof of his service and membership will not be granted unless we are able to verify this service.