Government Legislation and measures to combat the effects of the virus have been updated today.  With these restrictions in mind and to contribute to the National effort, we have taken the decision to cancel all Association social events between now and 30th June 2020.

These are specifically:

SF Transition Drinks Reception – 26th March

Welsh Lunch – 25th April

Portsmouth Club Lunch – 25th April

Hastings Lunch – 9th May

North American Lunch – 22nd May

North of England Lunch – 6th June

London Summer Drinks – 18th June

LRDG Annual Lunch – 20th June

Events scheduled for later in 2020 will be reviewed closer to the time. Even then, venues, caterers and the like will have a policy in place so we must remain flexible to a very fluid situation.

In the event of the Office being closed or a reduction in staff levels leading to a shorter working week, please continue to utilise the Office landline number and wait for it to go to answer machine if there is no reply. A couple of mobile numbers are provided for urgent welfare matters.

Please also continue to utilise the office email address, this will be monitored whatever the physical situation is in the London office.  We are also looking at providing basic information via the Regimental Association website (

We will remain fully focussed on the provision of welfare during this period.  We would warn membership that the NHS and private healthcare is likely to be under considerable pressure for the foreseeable future and that assistance in a timely manner may not be achievable.

We are entering a period of uncertainty and possibly drastic change in our way of life for a while. Two areas I am sure you, our membership, will have had plenty experience of.  If there was ever a time our Regimental ethos was required by all, it is now.

Be an example of that to others. Use your local, national and international electronic contact groups to stay in touch and highlight issues if required. Look out for one another, your family and community.